Balázs Fügedi

I was born in the mid 90’ in Budapest. I went to an IT professional secondary school in my home town, however I graduated in Michigan. When I came home I decided to attend an art school. I didn't succeed for the first time, but I worked in a graphic agency, than tought acrobatics for children in my gap years. Also I finished a year of Interior Design. Currently I go to Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and learn industrial design.

Besides that I design sets for Földalatti Slam poetry nights, and experiment with mixing photography to painting, and light projections. The contrast of art and design keeps me balanced in my daily life.

Zsombor Czeglédi

Czeglédi Zsombor was born in Budapest. He studied music in elementary shool, and after, when he went to high-school he started special mathematics. Two years later he switched to biology- chemistry, and just before graduation, he decided not to do anything with all that things he learned before. He started to take PHOTOGRAPHY seriously and after some time he started to make little, and adorably bad shortfilms...

With lot of hardwork and self-teaching, he managed to get into a good art university in Budapest (Budapest Metropolitan University). From that moment his passion to arts was unstoppable. In two years he managed to take part in two international film festivals as a finalist, and had opportunity to exhibit his first piece with Blasio Art at Ozora Festival.
Currently he studies MEDIA DESIGN, a very colorful, and young aspect of media art. He has plenty of co-projects and even more plans for the future.