We had the opportunity to exhibit in Valletta Postal Museum thanks to MIPA.

Travelling to Malta was the most adventurous experience for our duo so far! We had our first elegant exhibition opening there, and we saw beautiful places and met beautiful people.

Day one
For kickoff, we had to hurry from the airport straight to the opening. We had only a little time for finding our airbnb , get ready and run to the opening. When we arrived, we were shocked about the event. It was very well organised, and with full of quality artworks – followed by a beautiful reception stuffed with a lot of delicious cheese – We met a lot of beautiful people including the founder and the manager of the Malta International Photo awards, some of the exhibiting artists, The Jury of the contest any many more as well. After, that day we had a walk in the city at night, and we went back to our accomodation.


Day two
We woke up early in the morning, so we can start our expedition around the island. This was a nice idea, but as we woke up for the alarm clock we realized that outside a huge hail tries to enter on our windows, so we had to wait a bit with the departure. As the weather turned a bit happier, we left our cave and headed to Mdina the fortified city. It was massive and beautiful. After the walk our next destination was Saint Paul’s catacomb system. Had a look on the view of the whole island. We had to descend from the highest city on Malta to its big brother; Rabat. Within twenty minutes we arrived to the hounting, but breathtaking catacombs. Following this we hurried back to Sliema so we can catch the sunset next to the panorama of the ancient city of Valletta.

Day three
This day Bazsi and Zsombi chose different paths. Bazsi went to the north side of the island, Zsombi trageted the south instead,

Fanni and Me took the bus up to Cirkewwa and a boat ride to Comino island. It was beautiful even in February. It is a nice point to experience the meeting of sea and ground. The island touches the water different ways, it is huge to experience. Later we headed to Popeye Village which was closed by the time we got there. We didn’t take it personally and had a picnic on the pier facing the village. Enjoyed the sunset and went home in the dark.


Early, i  wanted to see the Hal Safeni Hypogeum, Malta’s most important burial chamber. Sadly, – but also luckily – the state protects the chamber so strickly, that noone is allowed to take photos in the area,( they even ask the visitors to leave their phones in the lockers)Following this i traveled down to the corner of the island and walked another 1 hour twenty minutes so i can see the Ta Kalanka Sea Cave. It was worth the struggles. From there i walked back to Marsaxlokk, the little fishing village. Its cute, colorful fishing boats and the raw fish smell was an intense experince. After my walk i found a nice seafood restaurant where i ordered a gib Marsaxlokk fish platter.

Day four
Reunited, we visited the Saint John Co-Cathedral. We got a full audio guide with the ticket. We spent there almost two hours observing the precise decoration of the temple. There was a separate room for the works of Caravaggio, A full wing decorated with only the master’s pieces. After this programme we had a huge walk in Valleta, – this time in daylight -visited the Military History Museum and than went back to the airport and flew home to Budapest