Laser Paintings is our main project. These single exposure pieces were recolored only, furthermore content
was not added or displaced digitally in the photographs. Long exposure
technique was used along laser light in the creation.

our equipment used for creating Laser Paintings


The pictures were recorded with digital camera. However the composition and the textures are created with a long exposure technique which differs from the traditional light painting approaches. The little editing includes: recoloring of  the pictures, sometimes differently in each individual object to express the given meaning;  enhancing the texture, and playing with the exposure curve.

We do not have to displace any content in the picture digitally, since the long exposure allows us to place or duplicate anything as we please. Three elements meet in the progress: photography, painting, and performance. We are being able to capture the pieces through the medium of photography because the photosensitive that makes the laser light visible is the photo machine itself. We interpret the laser light as a brush to express various textures and structures. Performing comes from the model, who often has to act a long line of steps to have the perfect result.

Here is a short illustrative animation of an unrealased piece called Make Up, to show reality transforms into a painting:

reality, and the piece made with our technique